covid response & mask faq

Hi internet <3 Ruby here, the founder of girl of the earth.


Hope everyone is doing okay as the world gets more and more chaotic.


While I already call girl of the earth a one-woman-show, this has taken on new meaning for me during quarantine. Models/photographers are stuck at home, I'm now doing fulfilment myself, and most significantly, my seamstress is too busy sewing hospital gowns to take on any work from us.


When I started sewing masks (mainly for family and friends originally, and using my grandmother's fabric scraps), I definitely did not expect so many orders. It's fun but also a little scary to realise how much of a necessity these masks are. I'm really happy to provide a cute alternative (or only option) to keep safe during this crazy time.


It's also so so nice (and very true to the girl of the earth brand!) to make them using vintage fabrics from 1930-1989. This means a few things:


1. as always, these girl of the earth items are what I like to call few-of-a-kind, so you won't match any strangers, even on your one weekly trip to the grocery store. Don't wait to buy your favourite fabric, because everything is first come, first served— if we don't have the fabric you want, or it says sold out, it's gone forever! Sold out fabrics are removed once per week.


2. these masks offer a second life to already existing materials. Not to be dramatic, but this purchase is the #1 most eco-friendly way to wear a mask. Go ahead and brag— you're not shopping, you're recycling <3




If you're like me stuck at home, you've probably been wearing your hair up more than usual. So a few weeks in, I started offering matching scrunchies <3
Up until now, all face masks and matching scrunchies have been handmade in downtown NYC by me! That means I've been literally sewing non-stop for weeks, as I'm aware these are actually urgent products and I want to get them to you guys as fast as possible! I've just gotten another local seamstress on board, so I should now be able to keep up with demand.





mask faq ☆


1. sizing: our masks are automatically a 'generic women's' size— if you'd like a smaller or larger mask for a child/man/other, please feel free to note that during checkout (or reach out via DM @girloftheearth / email

2. washing: wash (preferably cold) and hang dry. We should always be doing this anyway I despise dryers for many reasons. Handwash if you want to be extra careful (these are all individual pieces of vintage fabric that can behave differently).

3. shipping: I'm doing my best to ship out all orders within 1-3 days depending on backlog. USPS domestic packages are slightly delayed, so feel free to opt for faster 'priority' shipping at checkout, and USPS international packages are severely delayed, so we're temporarily not including free shipping abroad / only offering DHL for international orders 

4. safety: we CANNOT consider these masks as medical-grade. In NYC we’ve been told to wear something (“at least a scarf” are direct words from the government), so these are an extra safety measure that's better than nothing— continue to follow government guidelines like wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and social distance 2m/6ft away from people.

5. elastic: your elastic is currently knotted inside the side loop and is adjustable! Make sure it's tight and tag us wearing your @girloftheearth mask on Instagram!

6. quality: as I mentioned, these have been handmade by ME up until now, so please be mindful when ordering they may have small flaws. Just making sure everyone is aware they are not a representation of our typical quality with our expert seamstress— however they are made with love on my little sewing machine and they do fit the face quite nicely!


It's definitely a scary, surreal time, but it will be over before we know it and what a great opportunity to check a few long-standing things off your to-do list, catch up on your favourite show, facetime your grandad, and shop online <3 It's better to be bored at home than ill.


Stay safe, social distance, and just imagine the burst of fun we'll all have after being cooped up.







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