by ruby: girl of the earth tees ☆

For so long I've wanted to do a girl of the earth t-shirt. It almost feels like we're not a real brand until we have a logo tee! However, I just couldn't come up with anything that was:

1. not boring

2. totally environmentally friendly

3. authentically ~ on-brand ~ 

            —UNTIL NOW ✨


In my daily fabric sourcing efforts, I came across a large inventory of military t-shirts from the 1970s/80s/90s. No clue where this guy got them (a hoarding family member?) but I jumped at the opportunity. They're light brown, soft 100% cotton (SO on brand), and totally sustainable (anything 20+ years old is defined as vintage and has no environmental impact). Now to solve the boring bit:

Printing our logo felt too obvious, so I collaborated with the incredibly talented artist and activist (and my best friend), Juliette Kessler, who I knew would come up with something amazing. I basically gave her zero instruction except "make sure it looks 70s". She definitely didn't disappoint: 

girl of the earth texts

juliette's girl of the earth illustration for tees


So we printed Juliette's disco graphic on 50 tees. Slightly distressed, with a boxy silhouette and cut raw rolling hems, you won't want to miss getting a girl of the earth ~ TRUE VINTAGE ~ tee ✨

shop girl of the earth tees here <3

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