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Hi internet  ♡  Ruby here, the founder of girl of the earth (that's me below)

you're not shopping— you're recycling ☆

Each piece from our womenswear line is upcycled, made using real vintage fabric remnants dating 1930-1999. I grew up in downtown Manhattan to nutty antique-dealer parents, so I've inherited and cultivated relationships with vintage suppliers, flea market owners, eccentric grandmas, and just plain hoarders, who I buy gorgeous old fabric from. This supply chain is super unconventional and requires my life-long expertise, and a lot of luck, but basically I'm just really really good at shopping.

I love my vintage fabrics not just for their to-die-for kitschy prints, indescribable patina, and old-fashioned high-quality, but also for their inherent scarcity. Sometimes I find an entire roll, sometimes just one remaining meter. This means we only cut and sewn 1-10 identical units from a fabric remnant, so every girl of the earth piece is hyper individualistic, or what I like to call few-of-a-kind ☆ It sucks to wear the same thing as everyone else, so I adore this!

Moreover, these leftover pieces of fabric are so small, even "self-proclaimed sustainable deadstock brands" would never bother to use them, and I understand why— it's a super time-intensive business model. I am always spending way too much time negotiating prices, inspecting fabrics' condition, and giving my seamstress complex instructions about which remnants are for which styles.

Lastly, I design each style based off what I wish I were wearing right now, mostly sticking with perfect-fitting timeless silhouettes. In a word, I would describe the girl of the earth look as effortless. My goal is never to look like I tried too hard while getting dressed, like this backless disco dress just accidentally fell onto me. I'm also a die-hard fan of 60's-style mini skirts and 70's-style halter tops, so you'll see a lot of those silhouettes.

Maybe you’ve heard that the fashion industry today is super wasteful (the third worst polluting industry in the world, even worse than air travel, and less fulfilling for your soul than ever before). Our pieces are made of truly upcycled vintage textiles with zero-impact on the environment. You're not shopping— you're recycling ☆

still not convinced?

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Wondering about my infamous PATREON? Go check out patreon.com/rubyoftheearth, where for a small subscription fee I'm spilling all my secrets and curating lists of REAL LINKS to incredible vintage items. Imagine it's kind of like vintage meets personal shopping meets you on your couch. It's better described over there. Here's me circa 2002 in a 1970s patchwork fur jacket and my Barbie in a 1960s mod mini dress


GIRL OF THE EARTH (est. 2019) is manufactured in and based out of New York City (and Lisbon, where I split my time). Problem? Question? Gossip? Contact us, or read about sizingshipping, and returns. Don't forget to follow girl of the earth on Instagram to be the first to know about drops.