hellooo future-patrons!


Ruby here—

For the last 3 years, I've not only been designing vintage-fabric womenswear for girl of the earth, but alongside that also curating collections of vintage accessories, like snakeskin belts, deadstock sunglasses, silk scarves, and more! But recently I've replaced the latter with a subscription-based PATREON, and here's why that makes SOO much sense for YOU! 

On Patreon, I publish 4-8 articles per month with lists of REAL LINKS to buy incredible vintage items. I got the idea after years of receiving texts like the ones to the right from friends (if you don't already know about my vintage expertise, read this! On the left that's me circa 2002 in a 1970s patchwork fur jacket and my barbie in a 1960s mod mini dress). 

For each article, I put my lifelong skills to use— scouring the internet, then double-checking each item's silhouette, condition, fabric content, size/measurements, price, shipping, etc, and finally categorising all these saved bookmarks into easy shop-able articles, ranging from super trendy to practical basics. It’s kind of like personal shopping but you’re still in complete control. Here are some examples:



BTW (you may already know) the benefits to shopping vintage are immeasurable:

  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • cool retro aesthetics
  • limited to one-of-a-kind or super unique
  • high-quality
  • costs a fraction of the price of modern brands--

and with this Patreon, I'm not only curating the best-of-the-best, but also giving you access to the source, cutting out the middle man of many vintage merchants who resell for a markup. I actually would suggest imagining this Patreon's subscription fee as a tiny markup instead of a typical 70% one!

If you’re like me, you’ve never subscribed to a Patreon, however this one is truly unique. It has nothing to do with podcasting, classes, fine art, or content creation— this Patreon is for YOU to shop in a cheaper, better, greener, more efficient way. Think: vintage meets fast-track personal shopping meets you on your couch. And have fun! xxx Ruby