vintage personal shopping by ruby

hellooo everyone! Ruby here—


You may already know how my brand girl of the earth stems from lifelong vintage skills, passed down from my antique-dealer parents (if not, read here!)— that's me on the left, circa 2002 in a 1970s patchwork fur jacket and my barbie in a 1960s mod mini dress. With this expertise, I also started a newsletter via Patreon, now moving HERE à la carte instead of subscription based. This newsletter is not a typical one. It doesn't discuss trends, offer fashion tips, etc... but instead it is 100% shop-able, listing REAL LINKS to incredible vintage items 💗  I got the idea after years of receiving texts from friends like the ones on the right.


Basically I put my lifelong skills, scouring the internet, then double-checking each item's silhouette, condition, fabric content, size, measurements, price, shipping, etc, and finally categorising all these saved bookmarks into easy shop-able articles (that you can purchase for the same price as a cup of coffee). Not only am I curating the best-of-the-best and making it effortless for you to find great vintage pieces (which are environmentally friendly, one-of-a-kind, high-quality, with unique retro aesthetics, etc!), but I'm also giving you access to the source, cutting out the middle man of many vintage merchants who resell for a massive markup. These articles are for YOU to shop in a cheaper, better, greener, more efficient way. Think: vintage meets personal shopping meets you on your couch. Examples:


Happy shopping! xx Ruby

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