TikTok Manager

  • Freelance (no formal working hours, organised by sprints)
  • Remote (I'm hard to pin down. Feel free to apply from wherever in the world.)
  • Paid $10-25 per video (depending on view count)
  • Mainly video editing from content we already have (vs creating content from scratch-- this may come later!)


Are you really good at social media but don’t know what to do with that skill? Want a part-time job with no-strings attached? Love sustainable fashion and want to get experience at a trendy upcycled womenswear start-up? Read below! I'm looking for a young creative person to help post content on my brand's Tik Tok account!


ABOUT GIRL OF THE EARTH: We make effortless womenswear using genuine vintage fabric remnants dating 1930-1999. This means each piece is totally sustainable and what I like to call few-of-a-kind! The only person behind the brand is me (Ruby), the founder and designer, alongside my seamstress and fulfilment assistant.



  • Enjoys scrolling on Tik Tok
  • Enjoys creating videos on Tik Tok and has experience doing so
  • Is familiar with trends and popular 'sounds' being used on TikTok
  • Can utilise those trends, applying them strategically and creatively to the girl of the earth brand (while still being appropriate and on-brand to girl of the earth)
  • Feels confident about going viral, but knows it's not the most important thing. For example, a funny dog video might get 5million views, but it's not going to help the brand in the long run. Your goals will be account growth, website sales, brand awareness, etc.
  • Is excited to think outside the box and brainstorm ideas (these do NOT need to only be about fashion or the brand! I'm open to filler videos like "the best spots in NYC")
  • Loves sustainable fashion, upcycling, etc, and has some knowledge/education around it
  • Loves the girl of the earth brand!!!
  • Will be self-sufficient with producing your content daily
  • Has great attention to detail (typos, spelling errors, poorly placed text, etc are not acceptable) 
  • Knows more than me about TikTok - these above are guidelines, and if you have ideas that stray away from them, that's not necessarily a bad thing!
  • Might be at university with some extra time on your hands / want something interesting to put on your CV / need some pocket money-- I am not against taking a chance on a student with zero experience in marketing as long as you understand TikTok and it's purpose, features, etc!

We welcome qualified candidates of all races, creeds, genders, and sexuality to apply. To apply, email chat@girloftheearth.com with TIKTOK MANAGER in the subject line. CV not totally necessary for this job. Please try to avoid showing me your experience that isn't relevant to this job. I would prefer to hear your true tone-of-voice!