hellooo everyone! Ruby here

It seems people have finally realised that, with cool retro aesthetics, high-quality, 100% sustainability, a cheap price tag, and usually being one-of-a-kind, vintage is THE BEST. But the headaches around finding pieces often deter people from shopping vintage.


You may already know that my designing for girl of the earth stems from lifelong vintage skills and expertise (if you don't, read about it here! On the left that's me circa 2002 in a 1970s patchwork fur jacket and my barbie in a 1960s mod mini dress)— but basically I'm TOO good at vintage shopping, and I've decided to let you guys in on it: I've started a shop-able newsletter!


Every month, expect around 4-8 articles, listing REAL links to buy incredible vintage items. I got this idea after years of receiving texts like the ones to the right from friends. While I have zero affiliation with any of the sellers, but I give my stamp of approval, double-checking for a trendy silhouette, great condition, high-quality fabric content, fair price, safe shipping, etc. I'm not only curating the best-of-the-best, but also giving you access to the source, cutting out the middle man of many vintage merchants who resell for a markup, and instead offering each article for $3 — a total bargain. I actually would suggest imagining each article's price as a tinyyyyyy markup instead of a typical 70% one! Shop vintage in a cheaper, faster, and trendier way. In a sentence: vintage meets personal shopping meets you on your couch. Have fun! xx Ruby