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We do monthly curated collections based on what we (and you) want to wear right now.



You're not shopping— you're travelling.

Frequent traveller and GotE creative director, Ruby Sinclair, would shop abroad, then return home to friends asking to buy them the same items next time. After bringing suitcases filled with necklaces from Turkey, sandals from Greece, and, of course, espadrilles from Spain, an idea sparked that is now girl of the earth.

We actually travel and shop abroad, sourcing authentic accessories at little foreign boutiques and bringing them back for you, often even in a suitcase! We only choose items that we walk out of the store or market wearing, and think you'll want to wear right now, too. These items support sometimes ancient craftsmanship and artisans in local communities around the world, and they're almost always more high-quality and eco-friendly than mass-produced items. Our artisans can only make so many items at a given time, so they're super exclusive, and only availabel in person or on girl of the earth.

Our first collection, espadrilles, is dear to our heart— Ruby has worn espadrilles ('alpargatas') for as long as she can remember, having spent summers in Spain with her mother and grandparents from Madrid. Pictured here is Ruby's grandmother, Penelope Casas, circa 1975 wearing espadrilles similar to our Chuecas— OG girl of the earth.



You're not shopping— you're recycling.

Not to brag or anything, but we're excellent shoppers. What most people may find daunting about shopping vintage or secondhand comes naturally to us— so we curate categorised vintage collections for you of whatever you've probably been hoping to find recently, like our mini bags. We handpick these pieces based on condition and cuteness.
Each girl of the earth vintage piece is one-in-a-million (if not one-of-a-kind), and it takes some self-control not to keep these babies all to ourselves. Rarely, we'll have a few of the same vintage style— aka our old-stock, or never-sold, never-used items, like our sunnies collection

Maybe you've heard through the grapevine— the fashion industry today is super wasteful (the third worst polluting industry in the world 😳). We want nothing to do with that. Our vintage and old-stock offers a second life to deadstock, a fancy way of saying recycled/already existing materials. Not to be dramatic, but this is the #1 most eco-friendly way to shop. Go ahead and brag (the earth says thank u).



We believe ethical and sustainable practices are not a marketing tactic but simply should be expected of fashion today. So while you get the cutest girl of the earth products, we'll make sure they aren't causing any harm to people or the environment. At worst, you're supporting an artisan in a local community. At best, you're shopping with zero environmental impact. Aka, guilt-free shopping.

Also, everything we sell is hyper individual, or very often one-of-a-kind— not just because non-mass production is environmentally friendly, but also because our collections are truly limited by definition: artisanal, old-stock, vintage. It sucks to wear the same thing as everyone else, so we adore this. Stop wearing the same thing as every other girl on Instagram— avoid matching strangers. 

BTW: Look out for our first designed collection dropping later this month, all one- or few- of-a-kind pieces made out of 1960's/1970's vintage fabric remnants. No big deal, just some utterly perfect womenswear.


Girl of the Earth is based out of New York City and Madrid. Contact us here.