LOOKING FOR: photographer

  • Freelance (about once a month)
  • Paid per shoot


ABOUT GIRL OF THE EARTH: We make effortless womenswear using genuine vintage fabric remnants dating 1930-1999. This means each piece is totally sustainable and what I like to call few-of-a-kind! The only person behind the brand is me (Ruby), the founder and designer, alongside my seamstress and fulfilment assistant.


My name is Ruby, I'm the founder of upcycling brand GIRL OF THE EARTH. I'm looking for a hard-working photographer to photograph our e-commerce shoots.  Urgently we have a photoshoot planned for the 4th October and 14th October, so please apply ASAP! 



  • HAS EXPERIENCE -- Ideally you have some previous clients and past shoots I can refer to
  • IS VERY FAST -- Almost every piece in our collection is one-of-a-kind, which means we can only spend 5 minutes on that piece maximum. We have somtimes as many as 100 pieces to shoot in one session.
  • TAKES DIRECTION -- I usually have a strong vision and your job will be making that come to life, and less so creating a vision yourself.
  • IS FAMILIAR WITH THE BRAND -- Hopefully you love sustainable fashion, upcycling, and the girl of the earth brand! It is also CRUCIAL you study our website beforehand, as well as my inspiration, to understand our goals for each shoot. 
  • HAS GREAT ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Mistakes are not acceptable as we only have one chance to get the perfect shot. Obviously as a photographer I expect you to know how to compose the frame in the most flattering ways to the outfits.


TO APPLY: Please email chat@girloftheearth.com with the subject "PHOTOGRAPHER" with your PHOTOGRAPHY INSTAGRAM HANDLE and a small introduction. It's much better to apply this way rather than via FIT as I check this email much more frequently. Please feel free to keep it casual, I'm very casual in general and would like to hear your tone of voice!


We welcome qualified candidates of all races, creeds, genders, and sexuality to apply.