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Hi internet  ❤ Ruby here, the founder of girl of the earth (that's me below) 



you're not shopping— you're recycling ☆

Each piece from our womenswear line is made of vintage fabric remnants from 1930-1999. I grew up in downtown Manhattan to nutty antique-dealer parents, so I've inherited and cultivated relationships with vintage suppliers, flea market owners, eccentric grandmas, and just plain hoarders, who I buy gorgeous old fabric remnants from. This supply chain is super unconventional and requires my life-long expertise, and a lot of luck, but basically I'm just really really good at shopping.

I love my vintage fabrics not just for their kitschy prints and old-fashioned high-quality, but also for their inherent scarcity. Sometimes I find an entire roll, sometimes just one remaining meter. This means every girl of the earth piece is what I call 'few-of-a-kind' (on average, only 3 of a kind) ☆ I adore this, because no one likes wearing the same thing as every other stranger on the street!

Moreover, these leftover pieces of fabric are so small, even "self-proclaimed sustainable deadstock brands" would never bother to use them, and I understand why— it's a super time-intensive business model. I am always spending way too much time negotiating prices, inspecting the fabric's condition, and giving my seamstress complex instructions about which fabric remnants are for which styles. Call me a hoarder but I just won't let tiny beautiful fabric remnants go to waste!

I design each style based off what I wish I were wearing right now. In a word, I would describe the look as effortless. My goal is never to look like I tried too hard while getting dressed, like this backless disco top just accidentally fell onto me. I'm also a die-hard fan of 60's-style mini skirts and 70's-style halter tops, so you'll see a lot of those silhouettes.

Lastly, maybe you’ve heard that the fashion industry today is super wasteful (the third worst polluting industry in the world, even worse than air travel 😳). Our pieces are made of truly upcycled vintage textiles with zero-impact on the environment. Go ahead and brag. You're not shopping— you're recycling ☆








Because I grew up in antique shops (that’s me on the left in a 1970s patchwork fur jacket, and my Barbie in a 1960s mod mini dress), what most people may find daunting about shopping vintage or secondhand comes naturally to me. For girl of the earth, I handpick categorised vintage collections, like our mini bags, or cashmere, only choosing on-trend pieces in great condition. Like our womenswear, each girl of the earth vintage piece is one-in-a-million with zero-impact on the environment. It takes some self-control not to keep these babies all to myself, so buy them before I change my mind ☆




GIRL OF THE EARTH is based out of New York City & Copenhagen, where I live with my Danish boyfriend <3
Problem? Question? Gossip? Contact me here.

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