by ruby: your new year's resolution & my fav sustainable brands

Need a New Year’s resolution? We have one for you:

shop your clothes sustainably ♻️ 

Maybe you’ve heard— the fashion industry today is super wasteful. It’s now surpassed the air travel industry as the third worst polluting industry in the world.




We’ve put together a little list of our favourite brands to help you shop sustainably:

  • kitchen supplies: blueland is an awesome brand on a mission to help others avoid plastic, specifically by offering tablet-based cleaning supplies



  • bras/underwear: organic basicsworon and anekdot are easy choices if you don't feel comfortable buying undergarments secondhand

  • swimwear: fae, ambra maddalena, vdm, or any other swim brand that uses econyl (again, only if you don't feel comfortable buying secondhand, as that's always better!) 


  • tights: not made of eco-friendly materials, but cost (money & environmental) per wear counts as well, so shop sheertex for unbreakable tights


  • coffee accessories: the stojo cup is so cute and *collapses* so small that it even fits in our mini bags! Also, at certain cafes, you'll get a surprise discount for bringing your own takeaway cup.


  • hair products: plaine has great shampoo and conditioner. For a more in depth explanation of eco-friendly shower products, check out this blogger— she knows what she's talking about!


  • period products: tampons are made of polyester fabric, aka plastic (ew). I'm finally ready to swtich over cup instead— I can't help but feel nervous, but people swear by it! It's a goal of mine for 2020 <3


  • clothing and accessories: us! Our boutique pieces offer a second life to already existing, upcycled, vintage fabric with truly zero-impact on the environment. Our vintage collections obviously do the same. Lastly, our artisanal products support local artisans in rural communities around the world. Not to be dramatic, but these are the most 'sustainable' ways to shop fashion. Buy it and brag 💁