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happy 2020!

Who's ready for NYE? No one? Don't worry- we got you covered. Our 2020 collection has perfect pieces for however casual or lively your plans (or no plans) may be.

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by ruby: boutique line

Hi internet  ❤   Ruby here, the founder of girl of the earth. We do things a bit differently than other brands, so thought I'd offer a little explanation of the process manufacturing our boutique line:     FABRICS:  First, we find vintage fabrics in really unconventional places. It’s taken us years (even decades!) to cultivate relationships with suppliers, antique dealers, and eccentric grandmas, who offer us gorgeous old fabric remnants. Our supply chain is super unudism and requires my expertise (I did, after all, grow up with antique-dealer parents in Tribeca, which was the NYC epicentre for fabric when I was a kid), and some luck. The rule is that something becomes technically 'vintage' at 20 years old (that means I'm definitely...

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three sweater trends to try this winter

The best part of winter is that it is officially cashmere season. When curating our vintage cashmere collection, we thought about which three looks to focus on. These three stood out!   P.S. Why does cashmere make the perfect gift? It's soft enough for even the most sensitive person, super fancy and luxurious, and sizing almost never matters, as knits look good both fitted and baggy! Though we completely understand if you're too in love and decide to keep the gift for yourself.   1. CARDIGANS Recently we've been obsessed with wearing cardigans as tops, buttoned up and tucked into belted vintage jeans or leather pants. Fortunately 100% cashmere (especially our high quality vintage stuff) is totally soft enough for skin contact! Go from...

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